Prevent the Registry from Opening at Last Open Key

You must have noticed that after you edit your registry and close it with some key left opened then next time when you open the registry it opens at the exact same point where you left it. It can be useful sometimes when you want to start editing from the place you left. But sometimes you do not want anyone else to know about the last changes even if you close it at that point subconsiously. 

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Remove the Shortcut Arrows from Icons

This is a very simple tricks but can be quite handy. We have all seen the little arrows on the bottom left hand side of the icon. There are quite many people complaining about the those little arrows on every other icon on their desktop. And desktop is all full of shortcut icons. There is a very simple trick to remove those little arrow heads. 

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Hide Local Hard Drives in My Computer

There are a certain times when someone else is watching our computer and in our own mind we are wishing "oh god! i wish there was a way to hide that local drive". We all have certainly been through that time and the possibility is that we will be facing it occasionally in future. So, this can be established by little bit of registry tweaking. You can actually hide your whole drive, or you can even hide all of you drives at once. The simple way to do it via registry is to create a key at the specific place in the registry which will be explained later in the post. And whenever you want the drive to appear you can simply open the registry and delete the key.

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Change the Basic Windows Icons using Registry Editor

It is the basic instinct of an individual to want to customize their computer and make it look cooler and more relevant to their character and personality. Hence the first thing that strikes to the mind should be changed are the same old boring and very common default icons. 
Now, there are many softwares available in the world of internet for the same. But instead of burdening the computer with those software's the easier way to do it is to tweak your registry a little bit. Also, another advantage of changing icons via registry is that all icons can be individually changed.

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How to Change the Order of Options in Context Menu

There are certain times when you want to change the order of your options in your context menu. But you must have been wondering how to do that. Now, when it comes to context menu anything is possible via Registry editing. They can certainly be difficult enough but these hacks are the can become very easy with the help of tutorial. So, lets cm' on lets place the things in order.

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Torrent Terminology

There are a certain terms that we come across every day when we use torrents and on the other hand there are a certain terms which we get to know when we are learning deep (working, operations,etc) about torrents. So, for new torrent users this can be a great guide to knowing the basic terminology about torrents. Otherwise for the people following my series this is not the post itself but this is a post which will help in giving you a clear understanding about some of the terms used in the the other parts of series which you probably did not understand ( which means you are redirected here). Hence this post will provide you all the term you need to know while learning about torrent in detail in very simple language but providing you with equally technical knowledge and also the sources. 
And please pay attention to each and every line in this post since it provides all the ingredients for other posts.

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Basic Concepts and Procedure of Downloading via Torrent

When it comes to downloading the first thing that comes to the mind is torrent. Irrespective of the file type or size one can download any type of file via torrent. And I personally think torrents have been one of the biggest revolution in the history of internet. And it is also noteworthy that torrents at any instant have more active users than Facebook and you-tube combined. Although they have always been in lawsuit for copyright cases etc but it has never ever had any kind of effect on its users. But one thing that could definitely be said is that the torrents make life a lot simpler for their users.

Torrents have been a big thing since the first time they were launched and a hell lot of people use it on a daily basis. There is always been a curiosity of having deeper and better knowledge of torrents in their users. And people currently not using torrents have even more curiosity of using it. Now, this series will explain to you every aspect of torrent from tree-top to the grass-root level. If you do not use torrent yet this series will teach you how to do it. And if you are already a big time torrent user this series will give you a deep insight about the working and operation of torrents.

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