Working Concept to create Apple Television for Next Generation?

When Apple releases something it is more than just a product. They also build the whole ecosystem with it to work in perfect synchronization. When they released the iPhone, they did not just release the iPhone, they in fact created a whole ecosystem with it by providing a whole range of services in iTunes. Its not like there wasn't a smartphone before but there just wasn't anything as perfect as iPhone at that time. 

Many experts say apple might not be a good at TV market because there is nothing new to offer there. However, truth to be told, there are endless possibilities in the TV market currently with number of cable providers and satellite services working individually. Whereas, Apple is fit to provide a whole bunch of organised services. And in fact, if there is one company that can do it, its Apple. Why? Because they never fail to provide the whole package with their innovative approach and ability to organize to the core. Needless to say this is what they do the best - Innovate and Integrate.

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