How to (Methods) Block Specific Websites on your PC

There are some times when you want to keep away some people from using some specific or any websites or even specific category of websites. You can be a boss wanting to stop the office workers from misusing the company internet, or you can be a parent wanting to keep your children away from strangers or the internet hounds waiting ot there and also to keep your children away from porn sites or explicit contents. So, the only way is to block them. There are many methods to block the specific sites. All the methods will be explained to you in this post.

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Launch Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously

Skype is the most preferred messenger for video communication. It was acquired by Microsoft and has 663 million registered users as of September 2011. It is also used for voice calls to landlines and mobiles at minimal charges. But like other messengers like gmail and yahoo even skype doesn't allow multiple accounts to be opened simultaneously on the same PC. So, after explaining about  Trick to open multiple Gtalk accounts on Desktop and How to access multiple Gmail accounts in same browser. It can simply be done with the use of a software named Skype Multi Launcher But there are certain requirements for this software.

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How to Unsubscribe Newsletters and Updates in Gmail

Usually e-mail accounts are flooded with lots of newsletters and updates subscribed at some point of time and do not want them anymore. You might unsubscribe some of them that are in the inbox but others keep coming every now and then. So, here is the way you can unsubscribe each and every one of them in bulk.This is basically via a website service that scans your inbox for these spam kind newsletters and unsubscribes them. And no registration is required to use this service.

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Windows 8 has added a new bar called the charms bar instead of taskbar and it is missing the start button. This bar has changed how the the people used to navigate in windows. And most of people disapprove the absence of start button .Here is the way you can get it back you just have to make some changes in registry file.

Making changes in the registry file will also revert Windows 8 Metro UI, Windows Explorer, and Task Manager in Windows 7.

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Sometimes you have such data in your Usb drive that you do not want to lose it at any cost. So, what you should do in such cases is that you should write protect your pen drive. One other big advantage of write protecting a pen drive is that it saves the pen drive from virus attacks when the drive plugged in other Computer. So, this is how we do it.

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