Windows 8 - Review

The windows 8 consumer preview is out to public and it does feel different, rather it is different. This windows is more made with touchscreen users in mind than the PC users. This version of windows has integrated with multiple services like facebook, google, linkedin, flickr. Using these new apps and hubs with a touchscreen can be a joy. But the problem is there is no functional app store yet. Metro style interface may work good on touchscreen devices but it can definitely be a mistake on PC's. There is a difference between a tiny tablet and 27" screen and this windows is definitely going to get a rough welcome. Plus, switching between metro and desktop doesn't quite make sense. Metro is like the beautified but way less functional substitute of desktop. Personally about this whole metro thing i believe microsoft could have done what apple has on this one, make separate OS's for tablets and PC's. 

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Dealcent --- Legit or Scam?


Its a world of gadgets and we all love to use them.So, we are just trying to get them at lower and lower prices often losing our sense of observation and calculation. There has been quite a lot of buzz about dealcent these days.They offer best of electronics at throwaway prices but the question is , is it really possible?can you just get the gadgets at 5 6% of the actual price. 
I am a huge gadgets fan myself ,  always trying to get the gadgets at lower and lower prices . While doing this I was introduced to the world of online penny auctions. And dealcent is known among them. But is it real?
 Ok here starts my story......

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