How to Unsubscribe Newsletters and Updates in Gmail

Usually e-mail accounts are flooded with lots of newsletters and updates subscribed at some point of time and do not want them anymore. You might unsubscribe some of them that are in the inbox but others keep coming every now and then. So, here is the way you can unsubscribe each and every one of them in bulk.This is basically via a website service that scans your inbox for these spam kind newsletters and unsubscribes them. And no registration is required to use this service.

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How to Attach the 'exe' File in Gmail

You cannot attach an executable file like a normal file. Gmail will display the error message –  “FILE is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file”So, here is the simple and short trick to do it.

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How to Make Multiple Facebook Accounts With Single e-mail Address

Facebook does not allow to make multiple accounts with same e-mail address but  with this simple trick you can easily make multiple Facebook account with the same email address. It is possible with a simple Gmail trick.

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How to know your Gmail Account Creation Date

This is a very simple way of knowing the date of creation of you Gmail account if you have deleted your first email.

[Note : This date is very important is security aspects! So do not share it with anyone]

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How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts in Same Browser

Most of us have multiple Gmail accounts as it is rather inconvenient to use single email id for both professional and personal work.Earlier gmail doesn’t allow to access multiple accounts simultaneously in a single browser.To access your other email id you have to either logout of current account or login into new account from different browser. Now Google has introduced a new feature Multiple sign-in in Gmail by this you will be able two Gmail Accounts in same browser.

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