How to Delete facebook Account permanently

Like most of the other sites, Facebook does not provide a direct way for a one click deletion of an account. Facebook account is deleted through procedure. Everyone knows about deactivating their Facebook account but there are only some who know how to actually delete it. In most of the cases deactivating the account is the good enough solution, and it is really an excellent feature by Facebook. But there are certain conditions where you want to permanently delete it never to use it again. But before you permanently delete your facebook account, i strongly recommend you to Backup your Facebook account.

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How to Backup your Facebook Account

It is always good to have a backup of everything specially when it comes to digital world of files and folders. We buy hundreds of dollars of hard drive to even keep our movie collection then why not give a little space in your hard drive to Facebook? We spend so much time on Facebook putting all the stuff that we cannot afford to lose it at all. Hence, one should always have a backup of their Facebook data in case something goes wrong like someone hacks into your account or you permanently want to delete your account. Plus Facebook provides a feature for it too.

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How to (Methods) Block Facebook on your PC

Facebook can potentially be quite annoying and destructive when it interferes with the primary task of the people during the work time. For example people sit in front of facebook at the time of work leading company to the losses, children wasting their time sitting idle full time in front of facebook and a cause of headache to the Parents. The only way to get rid of these problems is to block the website on a particular PC. So, here are some of the ways to block facebook on the PC and to avoid unnecessary headache related to it.

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How to Customize the ‘via’ Status on your Facebook Posts

Did you notice when some people or pages leave a status / post on Facebook , they have their own custom ‘posted via..’ printed together at the bottom of the status. This custom status usually will show where the status was posted from and seems to be fixed according to the device they logged in.

For example, post an FB status from your iPhone, Blackberry or even from your mobile web browser, and you will see the device name reflected at your status like ‘posted via iPhone’ and so on. All it takes is a little trick.

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Quick Delete Multiple Facebook Messages in Google Chrome

Deleting message threads on facebook can potentially take a lot of time since they have to be done one by one. So, instead of deleting single message thread at a time you can get hold of this chrome extention which is a easier and faster way to delete message threads.

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How to Make Multiple Facebook Accounts With Single e-mail Address

Facebook does not allow to make multiple accounts with same e-mail address but  with this simple trick you can easily make multiple Facebook account with the same email address. It is possible with a simple Gmail trick.

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How to Change Facebook Login Screen Background

[Applicable to google chrome only]

If you are bored with that same old white bluish plain screen then there's a way for you to change it and use whichever image you want to use as background, it can just be done with a Google chrome extension FB Refresh.

 So to change your login background, Download FB Refresh then go to Wrench Menu >> Tools >> Extensions >> FB Refresh and enter the URL of the image you want to put as the background. Now just go to the login screen and you will see it done.

[ Note:This extension cannot upload photos from the PC it can just work on the internet URL]

*If you you want to use any picture from your PC as your Facebook login background then you can upload the picture anywhere on the internet(picasa,flicker, facebook,etc) and upload its url as above.

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How to Convert Asterisks(Password) to Text

Passwords are usually shown in the the form of asterisk (*) or the dots on each and every online site. We often wonder that there was a way to change the dots into the real characters. Actually, there is!! This trick is based on inspecting the element code and the slightest of modification.

Here i will be telling you this only about Facebook but once you get to know this method you can do this on any site. And also this method is only applicable on Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox only.

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How to Find Profile ID on Facebok

Facebook username's have replaced the old user ID's because they were long and hard to remember. But there are a lot of applications that require a Facebook ID like this one. but user  ID of any page, group or profile can be found by using Facebook graphs.

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How to Delete Old Facebook Content From your Profile

Facebook Timeline enables people to search and access older content very easily. As in the old Facebook profile it was hectic task to find out what has been posted about few months or a year ago but in Facebook timeline all your activities are arranged in chronological order and easily accessible. So if you don't want people to find out about them follow this post.

{ Warning : If you are deleting your old facebook content then be careful about it because once deleted it cannot be recovered back }

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How to Remove Timeline on Facebook

If you don't find Facebook timeline interface easy here is the trick to remove it. But this is a browser trick so it will only work on your Mozilla browser.Facebook hasn't launched the Timeline for Internet explorer 7 or earlier versions .So,by switching the user agent to IE 7 your Timeline gets automatically disabled.

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Picture Codes for Facebook

Facebook has restricted its user to chat in black text due concerns of server overloading and speed. But now you are no longer bound to chat in black text. There are some special codes for you that let you to send colorful text in chat. This trick is solely based on the fact that when profile ID’s are inserted in between square brackets, it automatically transforms into the profile picture. These ID’s are specially created for this purpose.

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Some Facebook Shortcuts

There are some keyboard shortcuts for Facebook for both Windows and Mac Operating System based on the modifier keys according to operating system and browser.

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