How to (Methods) Block Facebook on your PC

Facebook can potentially be quite annoying and destructive when it interferes with the primary task of the people during the work time. For example people sit in front of facebook at the time of work leading company to the losses, children wasting their time sitting idle full time in front of facebook and a cause of headache to the Parents. The only way to get rid of these problems is to block the website on a particular PC. So, here are some of the ways to block facebook on the PC and to avoid unnecessary headache related to it.

METHOD 1 - Blocking Facebook on Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Go to Tools ->> Internet Options ->>Contents.
3. Under the content Advisor, Click on settings (To activate settings tab Enable Content Advisor if it is disabled).
4. Go to Approved Sites tab,type and click on Never
5. Set up your password as prompted by Internet Explorer. 
6. Now in the General tab of content advisor settings make sure to select "Users can see websites that have no ratings".
7. And its done! Now, whenever you open you will be prompted to enter password.

[Note: This is not really a great method because of the following flaws-
1. It only works on Internet Explorer 8 or Higher.
2. User can use other browsers to open it and IE is the less preferred browser anyway.
3. Content advisor password can also be removed if the other user knows how to do it. (Click here to know how to remove Content advisor password in IE)]

METHOD 2 - Blocking Facebook in host file

1. Go to My Computer -> os (c:) -> Windows -> System32 -> Drivers -> etc.
2. Right click on Hosts file and open it with notepad.
3. Now, take a look at localhost and copy paste the following underneath it

4. Save the notepad file and restart your computer. Now, the facebook cannot be opened in any of the browsers.

[Note: This method is not flawless as some person with good computer knowledge and administrator priviliges can simplr delete these entries from the file]

METHOD 3 - Blocking Facebook on  the Internet Router

This method varies from router to router and is not even present in some of the routers. Hence, there is no specific method to do the same. But still i will tell you the way to do it as close i can.

1. Go to your Router Set-up page.
2. Find the Security (WAN) tab or option and try to find some option to block website with IP address or specific keywords.
3. Put these IP addresses in the given field (these are the IP adresses of facebook)
4. Save the settings and its done.

METHOD 4 - Blocking Facebook with Parental Control

Since this is not a built in feature in windows you need to download Windows live family safety from the internet.

2. Install it and be sure to check the family safety box during installation.
3. Go to Control Panel -> Parental Control.
4. Select the windows user you want to block and go to windows live family safety (You may have to enter your windows live ID and password).

5. Now, go to web filtering list and put in the in the address bar and click on block.
6. Hence, facebook is blocked for the specific user.

METHOD 5 - Blocking Facebook using Third Party Applications

Here are some of the applications to block facebook. Just download and install one of these and follow the required instructions by the software

-->> HT Parent Control for Home

-->> HT Employee Control for Office

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