Working Concept to create Apple Television for Next Generation?

When Apple releases something it is more than just a product. They also build the whole ecosystem with it to work in perfect synchronization. When they released the iPhone, they did not just release the iPhone, they in fact created a whole ecosystem with it by providing a whole range of services in iTunes. Its not like there wasn't a smartphone before but there just wasn't anything as perfect as iPhone at that time. 

Many experts say apple might not be a good at TV market because there is nothing new to offer there. However, truth to be told, there are endless possibilities in the TV market currently with number of cable providers and satellite services working individually. Whereas, Apple is fit to provide a whole bunch of organised services. And in fact, if there is one company that can do it, its Apple. Why? Because they never fail to provide the whole package with their innovative approach and ability to organize to the core. Needless to say this is what they do the best - Innovate and Integrate.

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Remove “Troubleshoot Compatibility” from the Windows Context Menu

This is not really a very recommended registry trick but arguably Troubleshoot Compatibility is is not a feature you cannot work without. But it is quite a utility to have. Anyway, there is a simple registry trick if you want to remove this option from the right click menu.

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Remove 'Shortcut' text from shortcut icons in Windows

Most annoying thing of the shortcuts after the little arrows on the bottom left are the shortcut text which appears in the details, tiles and contents view. Many must have wondered wouldn't it be great if we could just remove this text. Well, here is a little registry trick which could do this for you. 

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How to Delete facebook Account permanently

Like most of the other sites, Facebook does not provide a direct way for a one click deletion of an account. Facebook account is deleted through procedure. Everyone knows about deactivating their Facebook account but there are only some who know how to actually delete it. In most of the cases deactivating the account is the good enough solution, and it is really an excellent feature by Facebook. But there are certain conditions where you want to permanently delete it never to use it again. But before you permanently delete your facebook account, i strongly recommend you to Backup your Facebook account.

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How to Backup your Facebook Account

It is always good to have a backup of everything specially when it comes to digital world of files and folders. We buy hundreds of dollars of hard drive to even keep our movie collection then why not give a little space in your hard drive to Facebook? We spend so much time on Facebook putting all the stuff that we cannot afford to lose it at all. Hence, one should always have a backup of their Facebook data in case something goes wrong like someone hacks into your account or you permanently want to delete your account. Plus Facebook provides a feature for it too.

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Disable all Notification Balloons in Windows

One of the most annoying feature especially since windows vista are the notification bubbles that pop every now and then. And most of these bubbles are not worth any kind of attention of the user. You might just go to the application and disable them but in your heart all you want to do is to disable all of them. Here is a very simple registry tweak to do it.

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Hide the Items in Windows Explorer Sidebar

There are a certain options in the windows explorer which you are uninterested in or do not use at all. In fact, you may want to keep your sidebar clean or want to put some other items in it. A cleaner navigation bar can be very convenient and easy to navigate. What you can do is delete the options that you want to delete.
Before starting this task you will need to get permission.

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