How to Backup your Facebook Account

It is always good to have a backup of everything specially when it comes to digital world of files and folders. We buy hundreds of dollars of hard drive to even keep our movie collection then why not give a little space in your hard drive to Facebook? We spend so much time on Facebook putting all the stuff that we cannot afford to lose it at all. Hence, one should always have a backup of their Facebook data in case something goes wrong like someone hacks into your account or you permanently want to delete your account. Plus Facebook provides a feature for it too.

What all Things does the Facebook Backup Include?

  • Messages
  • Friend Lists
  • Wall Posts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Profile information
  • Notes
  • Groups
Guess it pretty much covers everything!

Steps to Backup your Facebook Account

1. Open you Facebook Account.
2. Go to upper right hand corner of Facebook menu and click on the downside pointing arrow, and click on Account Settings.
3. Under the General Account Settings, click on "Download a copy of your facebook Data".
4. Then in the new window, just click on "Start My Archive", then again click on start my archive in the pop up option.
5. After Sometime you will Recieve a link by facebook in your E-mail account.
6. Just Click on that link, a new facebook page will open up asking you to verify your password, just type your Password and click continue.
7. Click on Download now and all your facebook information will be downloaded hence backed up.
8. Congratulations! You can even browse your backup in you Computer
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