How to Delete facebook Account permanently

Like most of the other sites, Facebook does not provide a direct way for a one click deletion of an account. Facebook account is deleted through procedure. Everyone knows about deactivating their Facebook account but there are only some who know how to actually delete it. In most of the cases deactivating the account is the good enough solution, and it is really an excellent feature by Facebook. But there are certain conditions where you want to permanently delete it never to use it again. But before you permanently delete your facebook account, i strongly recommend you to Backup your Facebook account.

Two Methods to Permanently Delete your Facebook Account

Yes, there are two ways to permanently delete your Facebook account. One method takes you to a page specially designed for permanent deletion of your account and the other is to request the Facebook Support group for the same purpose.

Delete the Facebook Account from the Deletion Page

1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to Facebook Account Deletion Page.
2. Click Delete My Account on the page that opens up.

3. Enter your password and captcha code in the pop-up box and click Okay.
4. Do not log in to your account for next 14 days unless you want to actually reactivate it again. 
5. After 14 days your account will be permanently deleted.

Delete the Facebook Account from by e-mail 

1. Login to your primary e-mail of your facebook account and request the Facebook directly by sending an email to
2. Facebook will send you an email in a few days informing you about permanent deletion of your account.
3. If you do-not receive an e-mail in next 10 days then e-mail Facebook again at,,
4. When you recieve an e-mail and wait for 14 days and do not try to login, if you cannot login after 14 days  then it is deleted but if you get a message to reactivate your account just deny .
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