How to Clean up your Windows Context Menu

It is very irritating to see the clutter applications create in your context menu and we barely use any application from the context menu but when we right click to use some other function a huge list of unwanted programs opens up. Here is the tutorial to remove them from the context menu.

It can be done in two ways :

->> By use of software (Easy way)

->> By hacking into the registry (Geeky way)


Method 1 - By use of software :

1. Download ShellMenuView and extract it. 
2. Open shellMenuView and select the programs you want to remove from the context menu. 
3. Disable them by clicking red button on the top.

And you are done !!

Method 2 - By hacking into the registry(Geeky way)  :

1. Open regedit from start menu. 
2.  Items in the context menu are not situated in one place instead they are situated here -

3. There are different methods to deal with these different file types : 

 -> Dealing with "shell" Items 

  • Browse down to (or find) shell and a particular program from one addresses given above
  • You will find a key (of the program that is on context menu) on the right side. And you can either delete it or hide it or disable it.
  • >> To delete it, simply select the key and press delete key on keyboard.
  • >> To hide it, right click anywhere on the right side, go to new >> string and click on it. Set its name as Extended.
  • >> To disable it, right click anywhere on the right side, go to new >> string and click on it. Set its name as LegacyDisable.
[ Note : Its better to hide or disable it than delete it, just in case you want it again]

-> Dealing with "shellex" Items 
  • Browse down to (or find) shellex (shell extention) and then to particular program you want to remove from context menu from one of the addresses given above
  • Select the program on the left side and double click on (default) on the right side.
  • There would be some value data in { * } brackets and put some dashes in front of it like ------{ * }

-> Dealing with Specific File Type Items
  • If the context menu items are for a specific file type, then look under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. For example if it is an exel file then we will look under 

  • Now you can see the particular program, so directly look under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT for the particular file
  • Now just disable or hide it using methods listed above.

I hope this article/tutorial would be of much help to you or anyone who likes to keep their PC neat and organised. Plus another benefit of applying the above methods is that it greatly increases the right click speed.
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